Campaigns are about connecting with your voters. You do that first by listening and then connecting with them to answer their questions, concerns and needs. How you communicate with them is as important as hearing them - that's where marketing and branding plays an important role in the campaign process.

The Manager


Whether you are looking for a campaign manager, marketing manager, or a media & public relations manager - Campaigns by Indy has a plan for you.


Furthermore, we have the contacts for other aspects of your campaign needs and will connect you to an entire team.

The Brand


One brand across all platforms - flyers, signage, advertisements, commercials, and social media - your brand must be consistent. Colors, font, style and slogan are all pieces to the marketing puzzle and with them being used consistently across all platforms it cuts out the clutter so that a voter can hear the message you are communicating and more importantly remember that it is your name and message they will vote for on election day.


Pieces used in branding a campaign may include: social media accounts, palm cards, business cards, stationary, postcards, and ballot sheets, for example.

Key a la carte Items


Two key components to any campaign are the website and photography. These are important pieces to communicate your message and to inform your voters of your activities in the community, but they are often outsourced to other contractors. Campaigns by Indy will work with other contractors to make sure that all branding criteria is followed; colors, fonts, slogans, logo, etc. We also offer a second solution - keep the website creation in-house with our staff and use our photographers. Never worry about a missed opportunity in expressing your message when you fully utilize Campaigns by Indy.