Campaigns by Indy

When red, white, & blue just isn't enough to get the VOTE, call Indy!
How we began


Campaigns by Indy started as a service offered by Indy's Services in 2011.


It was a simple extension from our branding and marketing of our client services to marketing and branding of political candidates.



Our founder always says, "You're never going to agree with a candidate 100%, unless that candidate is you. Even then, you may change your mind and opinion as time progresses."


Our philosophy is to get a candidate's key issues communicated, combined with addressing the concerns of voters for a successful and winning campaign.

Our Work


Whether you are running for city council, county council, state delegate, state senator or a federal office - we work with the candidate and the candidate's management team to communicate a strong message that resonates with the voters in your district.

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Informing voters through all aspects of media marketing... photos, logos, web, and traditional media sources:

Nicole Beus Harris logo
Wright for Mayor 2020
Republican Women's Federal Forum log
Kevin Leary for Delegate logo
Lauren Arikan for Delegate mailer
Harris for Congress social media
Wright for Mayor logo
Salling Slogan
Sen. Jacobs Facebook Cover
Metzgar Slogan
With Carol Kiple & Deborah Cassilly
Rep. Women of Balt. Co. logo
Harris for Congress social media